AL X RICO The " Azienda Agricola di Piro Adriana e Luciana "is a family ran business started in the 1920's and handed on trough 4 genera- tions.

We are located in the region of Calabria, in South of Italy, in a small villages or" borgo"called Altomonte.

Thanks to features such as its medieval city overlooking the Southern Italian hills and its strategic position between the Jonio and Tyrrehenian sea, the Pollino National park and the Piana di Sibari, a region already known since the time of Magna Graecia for the richness and fertility of its land, Altomonte is considered one of the most beautiful borgo's of Italy.


Our olive oil is extracted from the Native Calabrian " Roggianella olive which for centuries has been the variety of olive tree preva- lent in this hilly area with a mild climate. The peculiar generosity of the land, cultivated with modern yet ri- gorously organic methods certified at every stage of the pro- duction progress, allows to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest value.


The low acidity and peroxides value, together with the richness of polyphenols with well-know antioxidant qualities which are present in exceptional quantities in our oil, ensure stability to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To the palate, the Oil is characterised by a medium level of ripe fruitiness with a medium-high level of bitter and spicy notes, with a prevalent hint of fresh almond and light sensation of grass, which testify its high quality.


All of this makes our oil a Real Treasure : ALARIC OIL 

Alarico Certified Organic Extra Virgin Oil - 3 Lt

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