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I Love Italian Cooking | Chef Attilio Borra

I have a passion for cooking since I was little boy, I loved hiding behind the stove watching my mom and grandmother while they cooked the meal for the whole family. At 18 I went to the USA to work in Italian restaurants and it has always been a priority for me to express the history and origins of  the Italian cuisine through my recipes. Today I work aa a Private Chef for those who want to offer an Italian experience to their guests, I hold Cooking Courses using simple and comprehensive teaching methods, which explain the main basic techniques used by all professional chefs. I organize Team Building sessions for companies with the purpose to give participants a formative moment that concretely involves the experience of creating, strengthening and consolidating the team through the metaphor of the kitchen.


Tel: +39 338 918 5888

I Love Italian Cooking | Chef Attilio Borra | Private Chef

Personal Chef

Choose your ideal menu and I will guide you step by step to create it

Cooking Courses

Choose the course you like best whether you are alone or in a group

Team Building

Get your collaborators to take part in a Team Building course

I Love Italian Cooking | Chef Attilio Borra | Private Chef | Online Courses

Choose your equipment

Professional tools to best express your culinary passion
I Love Italian Cooking | Chef Attilio Borra

Chef Atti was excellent, with him next to me I managed to create wonderful dishes.

Silvia Galli, Ferrara, FE

I’ve eaten in fine Italian restaurants around the US and nothing came even close

to chef Atti’s creation. He has ruined restaurant lasagna for me forever.

Everything he cooked was beyond our highest expectations. 

The wines chef Atti suggested were the perfect complement to the occasion.

All in all, a most wonderful evening.

Alan Tepper, Potomac, MD

I Love Italian Cooking | Chef Attilio Borra


Tel: +39 338 9188 5888  


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